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Variment helps healthcare services recruit future employees and reduce practice shock through realistic job simulations.

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The Problem

There is a lack of manpower in the healthcare sector. Norway, for example, will need 28,000 nurses by 2035.

One in five newly graduated nurses leave the profession. The internship shock is one of the reasons.

Many students find out during or after their studies that they have chosen the wrong professions.


Our Solution

We provide digital simulations that show what it's like to work as a nurse or healthcare personnel.

A low-threshold way for students or employees to practice different situations you might encounter at work.

Sets the right assumptions about the professions and what can be expected.

Who are Variment for?


Career Counselors and Teachers

As a career counselor or teacher, you can use simulations to help job seekers or students find the right occupations that match their interests, and provide guidance on the abilities and skills they need to succeed.



As employers, you can use simulations for recruitment or training to see how your future employees will handle difficult situations they might encounter at work.

How Variment works?


1. Implementation

Job seekers or students go through the simulation and have conversations with an AI chatbot that will be their colleagues, patients or patient's relatives.


2. Assessment

They receive an assessment of how they have handled situations and measures of their adaptability, emotional intelligence and communication.


3. Reflection

Career counselors, teachers or employers can use the assessment to reflect on the simulation together with job seekers or students.

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Who are we?

Variment (Propl AS) was established in 2021 to make the recruitment and training process more engaging and inclusive through technology and innovation.

The team consists of CEO Mai Phan, CTO Khanh Pham and UX Researcher Sriramya Juttiga. We also have mentors and advisers with experience in organizational psychology, HR, strategy and artificial intelligence from OsloMet University, Novo Nordisk, Arctic Grouse, Ophiolite and DNB.

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The task was more exciting than filling in an application form. I prefer to apply for a job by doing tasks.

I love the idea of finding out about a job by doing tasks before you apply. It helps me understand what the job is about. So I really hope that in the future more organizations will adopt this method.

80% of our users would recommend the solution to others.